How to Buy Airlines Miles with Credit Card Guide

Airline Miles Credit Card

If you have chosen your Credit Card from our guide previously, you will try to find more ways to get transactions with your credit card. One alternative way to buy airlines miles is to use service provider as payment proxy.

Rental payment normally requires you to transfer money to their bank account. Imagine converting such a huge sum for these transactions into Credit Card payment. Not only you can leverage your cashflow, you can also “buy” miles. With these providers, you can make these payment using your credit card, with small amount of fee.


I have personally been using CardUp to pay for rental, taxes. It has good coverage of payments, and accept most of the cards such as VISA, Mastercard and American Express. CardUp also allows some scheduling and recurring payments. So far, there is no problem with them, and would like to use them in future.

Use the referral link here: to enjoy up to $200 savings on your first CardUp payment of at least $1,000.


CardUp is an online payment platform that enables businesses and individuals to use their existing credit cards for expenses like rent, insurance premiums, taxes and more – even if the recipient doesn’t accept cards. By shifting these payments to card, you gain instant access to credit and improve cash flow, while earning rewards on your credit card at the same time!


Another provider which I personally use them quite regularly. They often run promotions with discounted fee, which makes most bang for your bucks. Register your account using the link here: to save up to $30 on your first payment.

Conclusion on buying miles

Buying miles is a speculative action, because miles value can devalue anytime and volatile. In the midst of pandemic, miles are totally useless in value. When COVID-19 ends and we can start flying again, the miles earned will then show its value.

If you weigh on either CardUp or ipaymy to buy the miles, I would go with any of the providers because they proved that they can transfer the payment on time. It all just comes down to which one gives better value (discounts).

I hope that answer the question on how to buy airlines miles.

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