Ultimate VTL List Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lanes

Singapore VTL Discontinued, General Travel vs Restricted Travel 2022

Singapore VTL discontinued, announced new drastic border measures. A good news for Singapore travels as they only streamline to General and Restricted Travel starting from 1 April 2022.

Singapore VTL is known to be a complex and obnoxious process. It was a grey area of no-quarantine with multiple tests.

An important signal to the world, that Singapore is reconnecting to the world again. Reinstate Changi Airport to international hub again. Singapore is definitely ready to welcome the world again.

Therefore, Singapore introduce Vaccinated Travel Framework (VTF).

“We will shift from Vaccinated Travel Lanes to the Vaccinated Travel Framework.”

S. Iswaran, Singapore Minister for Transport

Singapore VTF Details

  • From 1st April 2022, fully-vaccinated travellers can travel to Singapore from any country, except those on the ‘Restricted’ list (as of now, there is no Restricted country)
  • A booster dose is not required
  • Short-term visitors will no longer need to apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP)
  • More simplified SG Arrival card
  • Pre-departure test will remain for now (PCR or ART within 2 days of departure)
  • Travellers can arrive on any flight, operated by any airline
  • No more on-arrival test
  • No quarantine on arrival

General Travel instead of Singapore VTL

All fully-vaccinated travellers are not subject to quarantine and on-arrival tests anymore. Short-term visitors also no longer need to apply for VTP.

Restricted Travel

This category is for those who cannot meet the General Travel criteria.

Singapore VTL is gone for good, and we won’t miss it. Back to the travels pre-covid we go.

This is a breaking news and we will update as more news arrived.

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