Jakarta Indonesia Quarantine 2022

Indonesia Quarantine Reduced to 1 Day, Bali No Quarantine March 2022

Indonesia quarantine reduced to 1 day, and will remove quarantine entirely shortly. This allows free travel into Indonesia in March 2022.

Furthermore, Indonesia scraps testing for Domestic Travels, especially flights. Therefore, starting from today, there will be no Antigen (ART) or PCR Test anymore.

In addition to that, Bali has now scrapped the quarantine requirement entirely.

As the Omicron wave has peaked, Indonesian Government gradually ease the restriction in place.

Bali heavily relies on tourism pre-Covid era, and this news will be a breathe of fresh air to the industry.

There were some problems initially where there were not much International Flights coming into Bali.

The country has some of the confusing rules to foreigners. It was rather difficult to find the latest information on quarantine.

Jakarta to follow no quarantine soon

Yes, Bali is now a no quarantine entry, as per mentioned in the press conference. The Indonesian Government will use Bali as a trial before they move to open the biggest entry, Jakarta.

Soekarno-Hatta airport is already full with domestic flights which is returning to normal.

This will be a boost for families looking to reunite.

Jakarta and Indonesia have such a bad reputation in terms of quarantine, whereby people get unexpected Positive Test result, which they require mandatory isolation.

There were some rumours that there were some syndicates operating this “Quarantine Hotels”.


As the world is opening up on the International Travels, we will see a move to travel like pre pandemic era, where we live in the endemic.

Cover Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels

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