Singapore VTL Update February 2022 - Philippines Hong Kong UAE Israel

Singapore VTL Update February: Hong Kong, Israel, Philippines. No ART

First addition to VTL Countries since 2021. Hong Kong, Israel, Philippines joined the Singapore VTL Update. Other countries include UAE, Qatar & Saudi Arabia from the deferred VTL.

Singapore has been expanding its Vaccination Travel Lane (VTL) network for some time since the Omicron COVID-19 variant emerged in late 2021, causing delays, allowing two-way quarantine-free travel to multiple countries with some supplements and additional testing restrictions.

Thankfully, we are now back on the expansion path, with the government announcing the addition of three new countries to the VTL list from 25 February 2022.

Singapore Border Measures by Categories
Singapore Border Measures by Categories

New VTL Flights February 2022 – Singapore Airlines & Scoot

Here’s what Singapore Airlines and Scoot have announced to us so far, other airlines’ flights are still to be confirmed.

Singapore Airlines (Dubai) SIA currently operates daily services between Singapore and Dubai. From 24 February, SQ495 will be flying from Dubai to Singapore as a designated VTL flight.

The services will operate on Airbus A350-900 medium-range aircraft. Singapore Airlines (Hong Kong) SIA currently operates twice-daily services between Singapore and Hong Kong.

From 25 February, SQ883 and SQ895 will operate from Hong Kong to Singapore as designated VTL flights.

Singapore Airlines services will operate on Airbus A350-900 or Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, depending on the flight schedule.

Singapore Airlines (Phuket) Singapore Airlines currently operates twice-daily flights between Singapore and Phuket.

From March 4, return flights SQ727 and SQ735 from Phuket to Singapore will operate as designated VTL flights.

The good news is that after a two-month dry spell over issues with the Omicron variant, Singapore is again expanding its VTL program, with the Philippines, Hong Kong and Israel joining the program from February 25.

Thailand will also see additional VTL options. The news comes as the expensive post-arrival PCR test has also been relaxed to a post-arrival surveillance swab test within 24 hours of arrival, making the process more than S$100 cheaper for travellers, among other improvements.

No Daily ART Testing From Day 2

Travellers will have to take a supervised ART test at a testing centreย within 24 hours of arrival, which we expect will cost just S$15 as it did when it was part of the process previously, saving each traveller S$110 compared to the current S$125 rate for the mandatory PCR swab.

Travellers must undergo a supervised ART test at the testing centre within 24 hours of arrival, we expect the test to cost only S$15, as before as part of the process, saving S$110 per traveler, compared to S$125 currently Ratio of meta-mandatory PCR swabs.

One of the main benefits of switching from PCR testing to post-ART testing for VTL travelers in Singapore is, of course, cost. This much-anticipated change is sure to make the VTL arrival process in Singapore simpler and smoother, mainly as a cost savings for those arriving in Changi under quarantine-free lanes from February 22.

For travelers from all countries and territories, stay-at-home notices for your own accommodation will also be unified to 7 days, and new countries and cities will be added to the VTL program.

Check out here for complete list of SHN dedicated facilities, should you need to.

This Singapore VTL update without a doubt boost a new hope in travel in 2022.

Cover Photo by David Rodrigo on Unsplash

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