Krisflyer – Upgrade Status by Spending and get Elite Miles

You are right. You can accumulate Elite miles as you shop, spend and convert partner reward points to KrisFlyer miles. This counts towards an upgrade to KrisFlyer Elite Silver or Gold status.

If you are a KrisFlyer co-brand* cardholder, simply charge your daily expenses to your KrisFlyer co-brand credit or debit card during this period and earn Elite miles on all your everyday spend.

Earn Elite miles as you shop, spend and convert with KrisFlyer partners. With over 3,300 KrisFlyer partners and merchants you can earn KrisFlyer miles with, unlocking status credits has never been easier. Especially during COVID-19 pandemic.

Ways to earn1
Every SGD 1 spent3 on KrisShop purchases with credit or debit card
3 Elite miles for every SGD 14 spent
Every SGD 1 spent5 at Kris+ partners where KrisPay miles are earned
3 Elite miles for every SGD 1 spent
3 Elite miles for every SGD 1 spent
Conversion of Bank Points to
KrisFlyer miles

Minimum of 10,000 KrisFlyer miles converted from reward points issued by any of our global bank partners (“Bank Points“)
1 Elite mile for every 5 KrisFlyer miles converted
Conversion of Bank Points to
KrisPay miles

KrisPay miles converted6 from Bank Points issued by bank partners on Kris+ app
1 Elite mile for every 5 KrisPay miles converted
Co-brand Cards
Minimum of 100 KrisFlyer miles earned on spend with a co-brand card
1 Elite mile for every 5 KrisFlyer miles earned
Spend or Conversion with Non-Air Partners7
Minimum of 500 KrisFlyer miles earned with our non-air partners or a conversion of a non-air partner’s loyalty points into a minimum of 500 KrisFlyer miles
1 Elite mile for every 5 KrisFlyer miles earned or converted

Terms & Conditions

1. Conditions to fulfill in a single transaction to qualify. All qualifying transactions must be successfully completed by 8 February 2022 2359 hours (GMT+8) in order to qualify.
2. KrisFlyer members will only earn Elite miles and not PPS Value. Elite miles awarded under this campaign will be rounded up or down to the nearest whole number
3. Dollar spend refers to the nett amount spent at KrisShop, excluding taxes and delivery charges, paid for with credit/debit card.
4. SGD 1 spend at KrisShop is equivalent to 1.5 KrisFlyer miles.
5. Dollar spend refers to the amount spent at Kris+ partner outlets paid for with cash/credit/debit card offline or within the Kris+ app when KrisPay miles are earned. The Kris+ mobile app is available for use only in Singapore.
6. Subject to the minimum applicable number of KrisPay miles for each conversion required by bank partners on the Kris+ app.
7. The term ‘Non-Air Partners’ used in this campaign excludes bank partners, co-brand cards, KrisShop and Kris+ partners. Terms and conditions apply.

Read more on Krisflyer website:

Summary for Krisflyer Elite Miles

Singapore Airlines are struggling in the midst of the pandemic. Its Frequent Flyer Programme, Krisflyer is also another victim. They roll out miles extension for about a year now. Their hope of reviving the travel was off to a bad start with the Hong Kong travel bubble here.

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