Non-SHN Hotel Singapore - Marina Bay Sands

List of Non-SHN Hotels Singapore Attractive Price for VTL Travels

As VTL is up and running, non-SHN hotels will consequently increase in demand. With this purpose in mind, here we are with the recommendation on where to stay for your VTL Travels to Singapore.

If you need to source for Non-SHN Hotels in Singapore for your Vaccinated Travel, without reservation the right place to start.

In short, SHN stands for Stay-Home Notice. Previously, most travellers have to quarantime themselves in SHN Dedicated Facilities if they came from higher-risk countries.

However, with the recent changes in Singapore border measures, most people will not need to do so anymore.

We have altogether a complete list for the SHN Dedicated Facilities here. Therefore, if you are coming to Singapore for leisure, MilesChaser would recommend to avoid these as it might add additional risk to your plans.

Non-SHN Staycation Friendly Hotels

Here are our overall recommendation of hotels known NOT in the SHN Dedicated Facilities or Quarantine Order lists.


Ji Hotel Orchard Singapore

Ji Hotel Singapore Reception
Ji Hotel Singapore Reception

Point often overlooked to most foreigners, the hotel provides a great place to stay.

Additionally, you can get even better deals via this link.


M Social

M Social Hotel Singapore
M Social Hotel Singapore

Without a doubt, another bang for buck hotel selection right here.

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Andaz Singapore – a concept by Hyatt Hotel

Andaz Singapore for Staycation and VTL Travels
Andaz Singapore for Staycation and VTL Travels

Certainly one of the highly regarded hotels in Singapore. Andaz Singapore is not in the SHN Dedicated Facilities and Quarantine Order Hotels in particular.

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Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Non-SHN Hotels Singapore - Marina Bay Sands
Non-SHN Hotels Singapore – Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Singapore is indeed not in the SHN Dedicated Facilities and Quarantine Order Hotels.

W Hotel Sentosa Cove

W Hotel Sentosa Cove - part of non-SHN hotels
W Hotel Sentosa Cove

If you are looking for comparatively more relaxed environment, W Hotel Sentosa Cove is a great option.

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Cover Photo by Will Truettner on Unsplash

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