Singapore VTL Update Tighter Measure Update Rule 7 Days Testing

Singapore VTL Rule Tightening Measures — New 7 Days Test Devastating

Singapore VTL once again suffers another rule setback. More tightening measures apply to incoming travellers to Changi Airport with 7 days testing. Therefore VTL is no longer a viable travel option here.

Having Day 3 and Day 7 test is troublesome enough, Singapore take it without a doubt to another level!

You will now specifically need to undergo test 7 days in a row!! What a mess.

The Health Ministry also announced on Friday that Singapore will extend travel restrictions to more countries that have seen a spike in Omicron cases.

The new rule takes effect from 7th December 2021. Here is an illustration below.

Singapore VTL new rule - 7 days testing
Singapore VTL new rule – 7 days testing

More Singapore Border Measures Tightening

Additionally, Seven countries – Bulgaria, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway and Poland – will downgrade to Category 3 at the same time this rule applies.

Travellers from Category 3 countries will need to undergo a pre-departure COVID-19 test within two days before their due departure for Singapore.

The additional tests – on days 2, 4, 5 and 6 – are self-administered and will be done using Antigen Rapid Tests (ARTs).

However, the days 3 and 7, will remains as a supervised setting at a Combined Test Centre or Quick Test Centre.

Find out the Quick Test Centre list here.

MOH said that they need to introduce or adjust its measures “at short notice” in response to the “fluid” situation.

At this rate, as much as I wanted a quarantine-free travel, I would rather undergo 7 days SHN at home instead.

If you are unable to specifically get a SHN at home, you can view our list of SHN hotels here.

Singapore VTL Countries List as of 3 December 2021

Singapore Border Measures by Categories
Singapore Border Measures by Categories

We doubt that Singapore will be adding any more VTL countries any time soon.

With this Omicron variants running rampant, we can surely expect more tightening in the future.

Cover Photo by @shawnanggg on Unsplash

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